Ways That Artists Can Make Money

Art for some could be just a hobby, something that they do in their free time. Not many people actually think that they can actually make money with their hobby. That is the reason why in this article, we are going to discuss ways that artists can make money. Starting off could look like quite a challenge, but armed with the right mindset and determination, art could easily turn into your biggest source of income. Below are some of the ways that artists can actually make money:

Network with artists, writers, and buyers

An artist needs to network with writers since they are the best way to bring attention to their works. Once they have the attention of buyers, it is important to interact with them. Mingling with other artists is also a great way to know their connections.

Pay attention to your finances and make a budget

One has to look at their finances, and if they are not viable, it would be good to get a side job that will also fulfil your creative practice.

Plan ahead and take internships that count

Start thinking of your career at an early stage and if possible, take internships at art galleries. It is the best way to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

Commit to working as an artist

You need to decide whether you want to make money as an artist or not. If you do, then it is time for you to commit yourself to it.

Open a gallery, treat it like a business

Invest in your own gallery since it would now be your business and you would be more flexible. It even makes you feel more productive and influential in the art world.

Ways That Artists Can Make Money

Modern Wall Art Vs. Classic Wall Art

Having looked at how an artist can make money from their artwork, we are now going to try and compare modern wall art vs classic wall art.

Classic Wall Art

These are timeless designs that are also mystic. Some of the reasons why one would opt to purchase them are as below:

  • Intricate design
  • Adds value to the home

People should go for classic wall art if the following match:

  • Colors: neutral colors including cream, ivory, beige with splashes of olive green, crimson or chocolate brown
  • Walls: in the colors above
  • Flooring: oriental rugs along with marble and slate floors.
  • Furnishings: upholstered wood pieces
  • Window Treatments: windows with drapes

Modern Wall Art

This is preferred by those that don’t wish to clatter their homes. Some of the reasons to purchase them include:

  • Showcase personal style
  • Affordability
  • Suitable for professional environments

If the home matches the following descriptions, you can opt for modern wall art:

  • Colors: white and black are the predominant colors
  • Furnishing: metal furniture made using stainless steel or chrome, glass table tops and finishes
  • Walls: plain and painted white.
  • Flooring: granite, concrete and linoleum floors are preferred, as well as plain carpeting and plain wood floors.
  • Window treatments: plain curtains or blinds, and nothing too fancy or frilly.


Art is used for many different purposes, and this means that artists will always make money from their pieces. For those that are wondering what to go for between modern wall art and classic wall art, the tips above should help.