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Regional Economic Development Boards Contact Information


 Updated July 3, 2012 Name Position Email Phone
Zone 2
Hyron Regional Economic Development Corporation
Wendy Thatcher Executive Director  wendy.thatcher@hyron.caa  
118 Humphrey Rd. Alexandra Pilgrim Economic Development Officer  
Labrador City Shannon Curlew     Administrative Assistant (709) 944-6499
A2V 2J8 Derrick Sheppard Chair, Board of Directors        (709) 282-8054 cell
(709) 944-6499         
Fax: (709) 944-4008        
Zone 3
Central Labrador Economic Development Board
Carol Best Executive Director (709) 896-8506
P.O. Box 2143, Stn B Lara Morina Economic Development Officer  
Happy Valley-Goose Bay Miriam Burden Executive Assistant  
AOP 1E0 Ernie McLean Chair, Board of Directors        
(709) 896-8506        
Fax: (709) 896-8209        
Zone 4
Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation
Roxanne Notley Executive Director (709) 960-0470
P.O. Box 239 James Bang Economic Development Officer (709)960-0471
Cartwright, NL Pauline Brown Administrative Assistant (709) 938-7000
A0K 1V0 Blair Gillis Chair, Board of Directors 709-938-7254        
(709) 960-0476        
Fax: (709) 960-0476        
Zone 5
Labrador Straits Development Corporation
Barbara Marshall Executive Director  709-931-2065
P.O. Box 69 Bruce Moores Economic Development Officer (709) 931 2065/2145
Forteau, NL   Doreen Belben Office Manager  
A0K 2P0 Gaius Trimm Chair, Board of Directors  709-931-2940        
Fax: (709) 931 2144        
Toll Free 1-866-931-2065        
Zone 6 - Nordic Economic Development Corporation Linda Randell Executive Director (709) 457-2050
P.O. Box 160 Andre Myers Economic Development Officer (709)-456-2840
Flower's Cove, NL Natasha Way Executive Assistant
A0K 2N0 Janice Prilgrim Chair, Board of Directors (709) 456-2840        
(709) 456-2840        
Fax: (709) 456-2846        
Zone 7
RED Ochre Regional Board Inc.
Sean St. George Executive Director   (709) 243-2829
P.O. Box 70 Ian Stone Economic Development Officer (709) 243-2860
Parson's Pond, NL Vicki Hynes ExecutiveAssistant (709) 243-2829
A0K 3Z0  Todd Wight  Chair, Board of Directors  (709)458-2730        
(709) 243-2829        
Fax: (709) 243-2254        
Zone 8
Humber Economic Development Board Inc.
Valerie Simms-Anderson Executive Director (709) 785-6390
11 Confederation Drive   Economic Development Officer  
PO Box 1105 Jeniifer Johnson Executive Assistant  
Corner Brook, NL Glenda Garnier Chair, Board of Directors


A2H 6T2 Andrew Tibbitts        
Fax: (709) 785-2083        
Zone 9
Long Range Economic Development Board
John MacPherson Executive Director (709) 643-3318
35 Carolina Ave. Debra Coughlin Economic Development Officer (709) 643-6652
Stephenville, NL  Amanda Aucoin Administrative Assistant  (709) 643-3924
A2N 3P8 Cynthia Downey Chair, Board of Directors (709)646-2860  Deanne Walsh  Community Coordinator  709-643-6875
Tel: (709)643-1022        
Fax Board of Directors:(709) 649-6797        
Fax: (709) 643-3421        
Zone 10
Marine and Mountain Zone Corporation
Lynn MacArthur Executive Director  709-695-9350
P.O. Box 2009 Shelley MacDougall Economic Development Officer (709) 695-9350
Port aux Basques, NL nadine Osmond Executive Assistant  709-695-9350
A0M 1C0 Fonse Pittman Chair, Board of Directors  709-695-3343        
Fax: (709) 695-7925        
Zone 11
Emerald Zone Corporation
Glenda Tulk Executive Director (709) 673-3300
42 Little Bay Road, Box 700 Randy Regular Economic Development Officer  
Springdale, NL Amanda Burton Executive Assistant  
A0J 1T0 Neville Robinson Chair, Board of Directors        
(709) 673-3300        
Fax: (709) 673-4730        
Zone 12
Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation
Todd Mercer Executive Director  (709)489-8700
5B Bayley Street Linda Nuetio-Flynn Economic Development Officer  
Grand Falls-Windsor Beverly Mercer Office Manager  
NL A2A 2T5 Harry Hallett Chair, Board of Directors  709-653-2289
Fax: (709)489-8711        

Zone 13 
Coast of Bays Corporation

Conrad Collier Executive Director (709) 538-3552
P.O. Box 310 Cory Foster Economic Development Officer Toll Free 1-800-205-0799
St. Alban's, NL Sharon Murray Office Manager  
A0H 2E0 Don Stewart Chair, Board of Directors    709-885-2027(w)        709-885-2494 (h)
Toll Free 1-800-205-0799        
Fax: (709) 538-3627        
Zone 14
Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation
Stephen Moss Executive Director (709) 256-2595
230 Airport Blvd. vacant Economic Development Officer   (709) 256-2595
2nd Floor, Fraser Mall Sharon Loder Administrative Assistant (709) 256-2595
P.O. Box 2222 Winston Jennings President (709)533-3358
Gander, NL A1V 2N9        
Toll Free        
Fax: (709) 256-2672        
Zone 15
Discovery Regional Development Board
Chad Holloway Executive Director (709) 466-1429
263 Memorial Drive, Suite 203 Shelly Blackmore Economic Development Officer  
Clarenville, NL A5A 1R5 Tammy Yetman Executive Assistant  Dave Hiscock Chair, Board of Directors  
(709) 466-1429        
Fax: (709) 466-4694        
Zone 16
Schooner Regional Development Corporation
Ellen Picco Executive Director (709) 279-4861
P.O. Box 580  Lisa McLeod Economic Development Officer  
Marystown, NL A0E 2M0 Theresa Mullett Office Manager (709) 279-4641 Paul Pike Chair, Board of Directors  
(709) 279-4861        
Fax: (709) 279-4880        
Zone 17
Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc.
Karen Davis Executive Director (709) 596-6217
22 Goff Ave.  Dana March Economic Development Officer  709-596-228
P.O. Box 520 Lorraine Brown Financial Operatins Manager     Ext. 232
Carbonear, NL A1Y 1B9 Gordon Stone Chair, Board of Directors  (709) 596-7631        
(709) 596-6217        
Fax: (709) 596-4473        
Zone 18
Avalon Gateway Regional Economic Development Inc.
Michael Mooney Executive Director (709) 227-5456 
P.O. Box 700 Danine Pitcher Administrative Assistant  
Placentia, NL A0B 2Y0 John Power Chair, Board of Directors  Sarah Greene  Economic Development Officer  
Tel:(709) 227-5456         
Fax: (709) 227-5469        
Zone 19
Northeast Avalon Regional Economic
Development Board
Christine Snow Executive Director (709) 753-5554
Northeast Avalon Regional Economic Dev. Bd.        
 90 O'Leary Ave. Greg Knott Economic Development Officer  
1st. Floor Maureen Foley Executive Assistant  
St. John's, NL A1B 2C7 Ken Kavanagh Chair, Board of Directors        
 Tel:(709) 753-5554        
Fax: (709) 772-6090        
Zone 20
Irish Loop Regional Economic Development Board
Guy Barnable Executive Director (709) 438-2898
P.O. Box 6
Trepassey, NL A0B 4B0
Vacant Economic Development Officer  
   Kate Pennell  Manager of Operations Harold Mullowney Chair, Board of Directors  
Toll Free 1-(888) 438-2898        
Fax: (709) 438-2892        


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