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2011 Community Economic Development Awards

Volunteer of the Year- Cyril Langdon

Cyril Langdon is a lifelong volunteer and has worked towards improving the quality of life for the residents of Norris Arm and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. His commitment to improving the economic value to the region is second to none in this province. Cyril has served five terms on the Norris Arm Town Council and has served two years as the Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation. In addition, Cyril is the co-chair of the Flying Boat Festival International Committee and the Chair of the Exploits Valley Heritage Council. 



 The NLREDA Leslie Harris Award for Excellence in Regional Development- SIFE Memorial


SIFE memorial is a group of determined student leaders at Memorial University who follow their mission statement of Creating Local Solutions to Global Economic Challenges. The organization is currently running 8 community outreach projects and is not only determined to create change in their community, but to develop tomorrow’s future business leaders into socially responsible individuals. 



 Herbert D. Brett Lifetime Achievement Award- Mr. Don Stewart


Nominated by the Coast of bays Corporation, Mr. Don Stewart has been a stalwart of economic development in the Coast of Bays region for decades. A business man since the 1960s, Mr. Stewart has always been a visionary in his home town of 

Harbour Breton. Not one to be distracted by the mundane, insignificant small ‘p’ politics, Mr. Stewart sees the ‘big picture’ of what needs to be done for effective economic development in the region. 



 Excellence in Fostering Entrepreneurship- The Exploits Entrepreneurship Camp


The Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation in partnership with SIFE, Memorial University, the Leslie Harris Centre, Memorial University and the Nova District School Board held an entrepreneurship camp to help facilitate the development of an enterprising culture for youth in the Exploits Valley region. This camp was the first step in providing regional youth the tools to become entrepreneurial thinkers and inspire creativity. Participants in this program were provided with ‘hands-on’ learning experience in a fun and engaging manner that sparked interest in entrepreneurship. 



 Outstanding Private Sector Contribution to Regional Economic Development- Academy Canada Career College


Nominated by Jackie White, Business Development Manager at Academy Canada Career College, Academy Canada was founded in 1984 and has grown significantly from its original 50 students to enrolments of over 1500 per year. The institution has prided itself on its ability to attract and graduate students from diverse backgrounds ranging from those who have bot completed high school to university graduates. Their service based education has always focused on bringing students through a comprehensive series of personal and professional development opportunities, equipping them with fine-tuned technical skills that (when coupled with job readiness, life skills, and job search skills) make them highly sought after in today’s job market.



 Excellence in Youth Leadership


Nominated by Carmella Rose, Kara Snow was featured in the Newfoundland Herald in the column ‘Inspirational People’. She has been featured in The Western Star and the Northern Pen several times with reference to her UROCK Award and profiled in numerous articles relating to her being the Featured Medal Bearer for the Pofile of Newfoundland and Labrador for the 25th Anniversary of the Rick Hansen Relay. Kara has also been featured one of the top Inspirational Students studying by distance at Memorial University based on academic achievement and community involvement. 



 Excellence in Partnerships- The Nordic Economic Development Corporation


The Nordic Economic Development Corporation has several examples of productive and successful partnerships. These partnerships have occurred in all sectors from transportation to forestry and tourism and business development. They have included initiatives that brought together various stakeholders and saw the establishment of valuable working groups, planning committees, and heritage groups. 



 Exellence in Best Practices- North East Avalon Economic Development Board


The North East Avalon Regional Economic Development Board Social media policy was drafted to regulate the use of social media tools and communication between the organization, its stakeholders, and the general public. It provides guidelines for staff and their board in utilizing social media as a means of communication with an engagement with community partners. The policy has also been designed to address the communications of the board to generate a framework that limits cost and ensures the appropriate distribution of information. 



 Initiative of the Year- Central Labrador Economic Development Board


The Central Labrador Economic Development Board with their regional Multiplex initiative. The purpose of the initiative was to upgrade the E.J. Broomfield Memorial Arena by modernizing it into a multiplex with the capacity and services to host large regional businesses and sports tourism events. The benefit of this initiative is that the economic zone would be able to capitalize on increasing interest in natural resources development.  



 David Curran Award for Professional Excellence


This award recognizes an individual who throughout their professional career has demonstrated exceptional economic development skills, effort, focus and determination to achieve meaningful results for their organization and its stakeholders.





Professional Development Award

Excellence in Best Practices Cert



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