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Online Opportunity Management Curriculum

Opportunity Management is a process to identify business and community development opportunities that could be implemented to sustain or improve the local economy. The following material will explain opportunity management for use by economic developers, co-operatives, and other community organizations. 

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PDF Guides

Selecting REDB Activities and Initiatives  

A handout used in OM sessions to explain what is economic development and how REDBs can select constructive initiatives and activities. 


Opportunity Management and Trail Development  

How Trail Development Organizations may utilize Opportunity Management to build destination trails


Opportunity Management Material for the Town of Fogo Island  

An Opportunity Management session developed and delivered for the Town of Fogo Island by the Kittiwake Regional Economic Development Board. Provides an overview of opportunity management for first time users. 

Stage Gate Decision Making  

The Stage-Gate model, originally designed by Dr. Robert G. Cooper, is an extremely useful and powerful tool in product development. It splits progress into a series of 'stages' and 'gates' to give a well organized and structured flow to the project. 

NLREDA Opportunity Management Support Materials

To support Regional Economic Development Boards (REDBs) in leading initiatives, NLREDA has developed ancillary materials to sugment those developed as part of the Opportunity Management module of the province's Community capacity Building Program. Tese materials are not intended to replace the CCBP materials and are certainly not comprehensive. They are  simply an additional resource that those developing OM systems can draw upon. They can be used by facilitators or participants as they see fit. 

Curriculum Presentations

Sample Opportunity Management Workshop Slides 

A PowerPoint presentation that will aid participants to:

Cooperative Role in OM 


Community Capacity Building Program Opportunity Management  Module Presentation:   om.ppt  

The Facilitator's Guide is designed to assist you to deliver a one day opportunity management workshop. The guide is accompanied by a Participant's Guide.

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