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Risk Management

This information from the WHSCC and CCEP will outline the measures needed to adequately prepare for potential threats. The material from the WHSCC outlines how to create a safe working environment.

5 Management Questions Worksheet CCEP  


Communications Worksheet CCEP  


Museum Impact Worksheet CCEP 


Museum Risks Worksheet CCEP 


Museum Strategies Worksheet CCEP 


Flower Shop Impact Worksheet CCEP 


Flower Shop Risks Worksheet CCEP 


Flower Shop Strategies Worksheet CCEP 


Know Your Risks Worksheet CCEP 1  


Know Your Risks Worksheet CCEP 2  




Strategies Worksheet CCEP  

WHSCC Writing OH&S Policy Guide  

This booklet has been developed to assist those individuals who have been assigned the responsibility of developing, implementing, and maintaining an occupational health and safety (OH&S) policy at their workplace. It briefly outlines the importance of an OH&S policy, how to relate a policy, how to incorporate it into the owrkplace, and how to ensure its successful implementation. A reference to the legislative requirements for an OH&S policy is included as well as sample policies. 

WHSCC Developing an Emergency Response Plan

The Commission defines an emergency response plan as an integrated set of policies and procedures that allow workplace parties to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency incidents. A plan helps to prevent or reduce casualities, property and environmental damage, and financial loss. It also enables the organization to resume normal business operations quickly. 

WHSCC EmployerGuide

The information in this guide provides the reader with general information about the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission.

WHSCC Job Site Analysis

A comprehensive guide to assess worksites for occupational health and safety hazards.

WHSCC OH&S Committes Booklet

The purpose of this guide is to provide occupational health and safety committees with the tools needed to carry out their duities effectively. The information focuses on their formation, structure 

Risk Management, Some Important Considerations (May 2010)  

Presentation targeted towards volunteers and not for profit organizations to understand risk management. The presentation will help not-for-profits understand their role and minimize risk within their respective organizations. 

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