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Integrated Community Sustainability Planning

This material will aid communities in developing their integrated community sustainability plan. This material will also help economic developes identify partnership opportunities. 

ECRP Final 

The overall objectives of the Municipal Economic Response Program are to provide municipalities (especially smaller municipalities) with the skills and knowledge to help them manage the transition from economic crisis to sustainability and to provide guidance in preparing an economic crisis response plan suited to their particular need and situation. 

Development Guides

Addresses questioning pertaining to:

 ICSP Tool Kit 

This tool kit will provide a standard format that can be adopted and adapted to meet the neds of municipality. The tool kit is focused on the stand-alone and collaborative approaches to the ICSP and does not directly reference the Municipal Plan-ICSP option- focuses heavily on the land use component and is supplemented by basis strategic planning principles. 

Beyond the Document- Economic and Socio-economic Planning Processes 


Published survey results provided for the Gander-New-Wes-Valley Community-based Research Steering Committee. Prepared by Lynn Guppy, Jen Daniels, and Kelly Vodden


ICSP Tools 

ICSP tools are a component of the ICSP toolkit. The tools included in this package include:

ICSP Tool Kit(print)  

Print version of the ICSP toolkit and includes the ICSP tools.

Sample ICSP 

Sample ICSP for Black Spruce Cove.

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