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Governance Materials

 This section contains material pertaining to boardgovernance for the not for profit sector. The material included in this section pertains to the legal responsibilities of volunteer board members, orientation, and performance management. 

Organizational Governance  Module Presentation: og.ppt  

The purpose of the facilitator's guide is to support the effective facilitation of a discussion concerning board governance among individuals who express an interest in learning how to develop a commonsense approach to applying good governance practices, principles, and protocol for the purpose of achieving individual and organizational success. 

Board Orientation   

This guide is designed to assist facilitators to:

This guide incorporates workshop exercises and a Participant's toolkit. The workshop was designed to encourage group discussion and interaction and can be modified to meet the needs of participants. 

Legal Issues   Module Presentation: legal.ppt  

A module that discusses the general legal implications for not for profit organizations. These materials were prepared by the Department of Innovation, Business, and Rural Development. These materials were not prepared by a lawyer, but provides an overview of legal issues concerning not-for-profits. 

Primer for Directors of Not For Profits  

Outliens legal rights for boards of directors with practice exercises and advice on what to ask in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to accept the responsibility of board governance. The primer also outlines the role fo directors of not for profit corporations. 

High Performing Advisory Boards

A publication from the Ontario Provincial Government and part of the 'Leading Growth Series'. 

Excellence in Governance: A Handbook for Health Board Trustees 

this handbook is designed to assist members of public bodies understand some of the key aspects of their roles and responsibilities and the vital contribution boards make in all sectors of Newfoundland and Labrador. For those who are contemplating participation with a public sector board, this handbook will suppport you as you make your decision. For those who are currently members, this handbook will clarify role expectations. 

NLREDA Policies & Procedures Manual Revised 2012 

The purpose of this manual is to serve as a gudie for the conduct of directors and staff in various specified areas of operations. It is not intended to cover every aspect of the Regional Economic Development Board, but rather should help gudie the actions of directors and staff. 

Board Evaluation Checklist  

A board management evaluation checklist that outlines the responsibilities of the board.

Alberta Terms of Reference   

Terms of Reference for the Economic Developers of Alberta

Organizational Governance   

Presentation on organizational governance from the Community Capacity Building Program

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